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Welcome to A Silver Dream where we carry a range of 925 silver jewellery with a pagan, wicca and animal theme. We have a great selection of unusual brooches, earrings, pendants, charms and bracelets.

You will find pentagrams, pentacles, celtic designs, triple moons, crescent moons, goddesses, dragons, bats, witches and wizards, skulls, skeletons, athames and besom brooms amongst our pages 

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Pagan jewellery to suit everyone whatever your path. Made from beautiful 925 silver to last forever and keep looking good

We stock pentagrams, triquettastriple moons right through to gothic skeletons and crosses

Whether you follow the wiccan beliefs, the pagan path or are just interested in alternative jewellery we think there is something here for you


Pay homage to your Goddess with a Triple Moon pendant, a pair of discreet earrings or a delicate shawl pin

Silver Wizard




    Baphomet Pendant

Gorgeous Gothic crosses, baphomet pendants, batsskulls and skeletons carefully crafted and stamped 925

We have many representations of the classic pentagram symbol crafted as brooches, earringspendants and bracelets

Macabre and ghoulish jewellery help to make up some of our more extreme biker and gothic range including the  crucified skeleton


Dragons, representing the duality of mankind, are available here as highly detailed brooches and pendants



    Silver Spider Earrings

Spiders and spider webs are made with great detail into beautiful silver earrings and bracelets to delight any arachnid fan


Crosses jostle with symbols of the Pagan and Wicca way to make stunning gifts whether for you or a loved one

Pendants and earrings representing symbols and tools of the wiccan faith are included here in our collection

 Wiccan Knot

Our925 silver Pagan and Wiccan charms make perfect keepsakes for someone special including you!

Crystal Ball Charm



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